Tips for having multiple Nintendo switches(Software shareing)



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In the winter of 2018, Santa gave me a Nintendo Switch for my family, so I bought my own Switch Lite earlier this year.

I have a memory card version and a download version of software. I have described the conditions for sharing multiple Nintendo Switches with family members.

Basically it is as written on the official site, but if you want, please note the use of Nintendo Switch Online subscriber limited software and additional content.


I will explain based on our home use case.



The person who pays money. I play games but I don’t play at home alone. I recently bought Switch Lite as a secret so I can play on the go.



Elementary school gamers. She has been playing happily every day since the switch came to her home. Do not take the switch out with your parent’s policy. In the first place, the perception that the switch belongs to family.



Housewife gamer. She likes TETRIS 99 and drum masters. After all, you can only play at home, or you need to connect to a TV to play. (This time will not appear much after this)

Nintendo Switch Online

Father joined the family plan and added my daughter and bride to the family.


Family settings can be made for up to 7 people (total of 8 people).

Account information for each switch

  • Nintendo Switch
    • Father(Primary console)
    • Daughter(Primary console)
    • Mother(Primary console)
  • Nintendo Switch Lite
    • Father
    • Daughter


Can play with the switch

As I wrote earlier, all downloads were purchased through my father’s Nintendo account.

Since the switch’s father account is set to “Primary console”, both the daughter and the bride can enjoy all the download software with their own account on the switch. (Including additional download contents)


In other words, there was no trouble until now…

Can play with the switch lite

If a switch that is not a “Primary console” is added, the conditions will become more complicated, such as those who can play and those who cannot, and the need for an Internet connection.

Memory card version


Of course, if it is a memory card version, We can play by replacing the card from the main body. Software that supports “Save data storage” can also share saved data


Download version

Father:OK (Internet connection required)
Daughter: NG

When the software starts, the license is checked on the Nintendo server, so even if you are not on the go, you can not start even if your father can not connect to the Internet. In addition, it seems that the license check is performed periodically even during startup.

My daughter doesn’t have any downloadable software, so Switch Lite doesn’t allow downloadable games.


Purchase the same software with your daughter’s Nintendo account. (I hate it)

Nintendo Switch Online subscriber limited software

Father: OK (Internet connection required)
Daughter: OK (Internet connection required)

NES, SNES, TETRIS 99, etc. can be activated on any Nintendo Online subscriber. Internet connection is essential to check online subscription status.


Memory card version & Additional download content

Father: OK (Internet connection required)
Daughter: …OK (Additional download content is not available)

Additional download content belongs to father. Daughter is not available on Switch Lite, which is not father’s “Primary console”. Depending on the type of software, a message is displayed indicating that no additional content is available, and you may choose to continue or end.

Save data that requires additional content may not be usable on the main unit where download content is not available.


Purchase additional downloadable content with your daughter’s Nintendo account. (I hate it)


For the time being, this article described the range and conditions under which one download software can be used by multiple people and multiple switches.